I am a Canadian first, last, and always” – Wilfred Laurier

I created this blog so I could share my political thoughts with the world. I think people have a tendency to take themselves too seriously, and I have pledged that I will never act more worthy for anything than another person. Similarly, I think that people are too afraid of what they write and what the audience will think of it. I strive to be honest about my feelings, even if they do not settle easily with popular views. Finally, I believe that a difference of opinion is necessary to fuel any meaningful debate, and I will always try to respect a contrary view of opinion if I can see the logic behind it.

I love Canada, and I hope, like most people, to somehow make it better. If I can use this blog as a vehicle to make anyone more interested in Canadian politics, then my efforts are worth it. This blog is a labour of love, and I appreciate you taking the time to visit my operation.


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